Old Program Structure

Course requirements are given as:

MS Core and Elective Courses: 48 Credit Hours (16 Courses)

MS Research Thesis: 9 Credit Hours

Required Courses for MS Islamic Banking and Finance
Course Credit Hours
A Core Courses 12 36
B Elective Courses 4 12
C Thesis 1 9
Total Credit Hours 17 57

Courses of MS Islamic Banking and Finance program

Following are the core courses for the MS Islamic Banking and Finance:

Core Courses
1 Islamic Jurisprudence
2 Islamic Banking
3 Islamic Insurance (Takaful)
4 Accounting for Islamic Finance
5 Islamic Capital Markets
6 Shariah Audit and Compliance
7 Islamic Economics
8 Financial Management
9 Research Methodology in Economics and Finance
10 Business Economics
11 Corporate Finance
12 Financial Econometrics

Students have to opt for 4 Elective courses for the MS program. Possible Elective courses for the MS Islamic Banking and Finance are as follows:

Islamic Law of contracts Investment Banking and Structuring Financial Requirements
Islamic Partnership Corporate and Securities Law Islamic Treasury operations
Islamic Wealth Planning and Management Islamic Entrepreneurship
Islamic Portfolio Management International Finance
Financial Services Marketing Advanced Econometrics
Shariah Issues in Islamic Finance Ethics and Corporate Governance
Commercial Law and Legal Documentation for Islamic Risk Management for Islamic Financial