Full Time Faculty

Dr Ahmad Junaid Dr. Ahmad Junaid Assistant Professor, Chairperson -Finance, Research Fellow-CBER, Department of Finance
Email ajunaid@iba.edu.pk Email +92 21-111-422-422 Ext: 2643
Prof. Qazi Masood Ahmed Prof. Qazi Masood Ahmed Professor, Department of Economics
Email qmasood@iba.edu.pk Email +92 21-111-422-422 Ext: 1601
Dr Wali-Ullah Dr Wali-Ullah Professor, Research Fellow CBER and Editor IBA Business Review, Department of Economics
Emailwaliullah@iba.edu.pk Email +92 21-111-422-422 Ext: 2642
Dr Haroon Tabrez Haroon Tabrez Adjunct Faculty-CEE and Chairperson - Accounting Law
Emailhtabraze@iba.edu.pk Email +92 21-111-422-422 Ext: 2609
Dr Irum Saba Dr Irum Saba Assistant Professor CEIF, Program Director MS-IBF, Department of Finance
Emailisaba@iba.edu.pk Email +92 21-111-422-422 Ext: 1854
Dr Heman Das Lohano Dr Heman Das Lohano Professor and Program Director PhD/MS (Economics) & BS (EM), Department of Economics
Emailhlohano@iba.edu.pk Email +92 21-111-422-422 Ext: 2604
Dr Ashraf Khanashraf Dr Ashraf Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Finance
Emailhtabraze@iba.edu.pk Email +92 21-111-422-422 Ext: N/A