Islamic Finance Conference

The primary objective of the Islamic Finance Conference 2019 is to provide a platform for distinguished research on the emerging trends which are the determinants of the future growth of the industry. Apart from digitalization, the conference welcomes papers from various other aspects including sustainable growth, inclusion of women, Islamic social finance, liquidity management solutions and others.

The conference is a platform for researchers, academicians, professionals and students to explore, discuss and propose the course of action to achieve targeted industry growth. By inviting papers from a wide range of emerging trends in the Islamic Finance industry, the IFC'19 aims to contribute well-thought and practical solutions for growth as well as to identify the action plan and contemporary strengths and weaknesses of the industry.

The conference was organized through IFS collaboration with IBA CEIF. Meezan Bank Ltd., ISRA, INCEIF & LUMS were academic partners in the conference.