Pak-Qatar Merit Scholarship Cheque Distribution Ceremony

On Thursday, 19th September Pak-Qatar Takaful awarded merit scholarships to the students of MS-Islamic Banking and Finance. Pak-Qatar Takaful is Pakistan's first and largest takaful group. The pioneering institute has always been on the fore-front to support the MS-Islamic Banking and Finance Program at IBA CEIF.

Pak-Qatar Takaful finances 100% Merit Scholarship each year which is awarded to bright students. The criteria for the scholarship award is strictly based on merit. Students are evaluated on their performance in admission tests and are also required to maintain a certain CGPA. On Thursday, Mr. Adil Memon and Ms. Zainab Usmani received 100% merit scholarships by the esteemed donor.

Esteemed guests from both IBA CEIF and Pak-Qatar Takaful attended the Cheque Distribution Ceremony. Chairman CEIF, Dr. Ishrat Husain, Program Director MS-IBF, Dr. Irum Saba, and other representatives from CEIF attended the ceremony.

Mr. Said Gul, Managing Director, Pak-Qatar Takaful, Mr. Waqas Durrani, Head of Marketing and Agency, Pak-Qatar Takaful, and Mr. Tariq Habib, Marketing Manager, Pak-Qatar Takaful also attended the ceremony to encourage the students.

Adil Memon - Intake: Fall 2019
"It is a great honor and privilege to be a part of MS-IBF program. I would like to thank Pak-Qatar and Dr. Irum Saba for providing this opportunity to prove myself."

Zainab Usmani - Intake: Fall 2018
"I would like to thank the entire team of IBA CEIF for providing this opportunity to me. I hope to be a change agent and work for the betterment of the Islamic Finance industry."