An introductory and information sessions were held for the students in IBA, by the Islamic Finance Society.

The following was discussed with the students in the class

  • Their understanding of Banking
  • What the students knew about Islamic Finance
  • Riba, interest, Ribah and the dangers of them
  • How the Shariah process works
  • A few products in the market
  • Banking ethics
  • Demarcation of what is Wrong, Right and Ethical
  • Frequently asked questions

The number of students targeted was around 200. Three different sessions were put in place to achieve the outcomes, which were

  • Increase awareness
  • Recognize the depth of the issue
  • Encourage student participation

The speaker was Mohammed Shaharyar Mallick, an 8th semester student with an interest in Islamic finance as a whole. The sessions were held in the class of Introduction to Business Finance, special thanks to Ma'am Tahira Jaffery.